Our experience and flexibility allow us to adjust our professional services to suit your specific needs. We provide timely, responsive and reliable service while helping you to maximize your economic return.

Why InFocus?

Why choose InFocus as the CPA firm for your business or personal tax and accounting needs? We recognize that not all businesses and people are the same. They have different requirements, values, demands and schedules. As a firm, we pride ourselves on providing a professional suite of services that is tailored to your unique set of goals. We work with our clients to achieve the best possible result for their business, and we do it with a focus on service excellence and timeliness.

Why choose a CPA firm? The Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) qualification is the only accounting designation in Alberta governed by provincial legislation – the Chartered Professional Accountants Act (CPAA). What does this mean? It means that CPA’s are held to a higher standard than any other designation; we are accountable to our professional organization, CPA Alberta; to the Government of Alberta; and to the public. It means that CPA firms are the only professional accountants that are permitted under law to issue reviewed and audited financial statements. It means that CPA’s are accountable to the public as a primary part of their professional mandate. It means that CPA’s stand behind our work; unlike other designations we are unable to operate through a corporation as a shield from liability. It means that CPA’s are subject to regular practice review, requiring us to maintain the high standards of our profession. It means that CPA’s are required to engage in annual professional development training in order to ensure we stay current with the accounting and tax changes that are relevant to your business. It means that when you engage InFocus as your professional accounting team, you can be assured that you and your business are both well served and protected. If your current accounting service provider can’t say the same, it is time to call a CPA. Learn more at: https://www.cpaalberta.ca/Protecting-the-Public


Understanding your business is our business. We offer the experience and attention to detail you can depend on and the understanding you need to make good business decisions. Providing valuable financial information and advice will give you a clear picture of where your business is today and where it is going tomorrow. These services include: bookkeeping, payroll, general ledger and preparation of compilation financial statements as well as other accounting related services.


All taxpayers want to keep taxation to a minimum. Our tax professionals work with you to develop and implement effective tax strategies for your specific needs. These strategies are designed for tax minimization, wealth preservation and succession planning – important issues for a progressive business and a profitable bottom line. These services include the preparation of personal, corporate and other information returns, and all aspects of tax planning and compliance.


InFocus provides independent assurance on operations and financial performance. These services include the preparation of both audit and review engagement financial statements and other related assurance services.

Advisory Services

Our accountants are business advisors who provide comprehensive and innovative solutions for your business. InFocus can help you with developing a business plan; create strategies to secure financing for start-up or restructuring; and provide effective business leadership.